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HealthyClass makes online searches for health classes, support groups and educational events so easy!  Simply...

1) Choose your health category of interest
2) Enter your zip code
3) Select a preferred mileage radius from your location
4) Click "SEARCH"

... and within a few seconds, nearly every health class, support group and educational event in your area, for your selected health category — is available for your review.  Many classes and events are free!

The majority of HealthyClass listings are sourced from hospitals, ACOs, medical groups and clinics. Class listings by senior living and community centers, healthcare associations, health plans, pharmaceutical and medical device companies are also included. HealthyClass is a great resource for patients, caregivers or those who want to find events in their area for improving their health.

If you have any comments or suggestions with how we can improve HealthyClass, please contact us at info@healthyclass.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

HealthyClass is the premier online search tool for specifically finding educational healthcare classes, events and support groups.

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